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VAT-501 Current Leakage Catcher I

When the ignition system under high voltage, the parts of the system is ageing, high voltage circuit would do by shorter or smaller resistor, and caused the ignition system decline the effect or damage. The spark is show suddenly and not easy to find because the angle reason.
To use this product can check the leakage location rapidly.

Suggestion selling price:NT$4,200
I & II only different package,
contents is same.

E Its easy to use. Only connect the power wire according to the colors ( red wire connect to positive+ of battery, black to negative- ). It can be rapidly judged and quickly responded from the tester if the part is aged or cracked. If the LED is flashing or lighting, electric leakage has occurred.

We can judge the condition of spark by using the spark tester. The normal spark distance is 2cm, and the shape is straight with violet blue color. The coil is aged if the spark is either red or curved. Different types of coil require different distance of the spark tester. The more cylinder pressure, the more distance of spark tester. The spark gap distance is determined by the cylinder pressure.

magnify magnify
leakage of electricity
leakage of electricity
Normal Spark Abnormal Spark
1. In order to obtain high accuracy, examine the cylinder one after one while testing.
2. Observe the shape, color and spark distance to judge the quality of coil.


It is suggested the applying the leakage current catcher together with spark tester would achieve the best performance.