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VAT-303 Spark Tester

Are you still using experience, depend on luck, to change the part and guess the trouble?

Rapidly, accurately, safety, conveniently to judge the quality of ignition system, depends on difference types of car condition and adjust the different gaps .


Suggestion selling price:NT$500

ETo judge the quality of coil according to spark color and distance.
EThe car factory choose the appropriate coil depends on engine and ignition system.
Normal Spark Abnormal Spark
E The normal spark distance is 2cm, and the shape is straight with violet blue color. The coil is aged or defect if the spark is either red or curved.
E Spark plug in oil vapor that spark ignition cylinder, and also in combustion chamber with pressuring. Higher pressure would cause larger impedance of spark plug. In order to apply many kind of compression ratio of engine, adjust the distance of spark tester to simulate the state of cylinder is burning.