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VAT-500 Ignition Expert Do you still feel troublesome to looking for the defect of the ignition system?
Do you know the fault rate of ignition system is over 30%?
To operate gasoline engine have to accompany with ignition system, is combined by ignition coil, high tension cable, spark plug, distributor, ignition amplifier, etc. The coil produce the power of high voltage surge, it is the most difficult part to diagnose. Choice the IGNITION EXPERT can help you to judge the defect accurate and rapidly. To solve the ignition problem by the redouble function tools.

Suggestion selling price:NT$12,000

E Mainframe power line (one end-- red and black alligator chips, another end-- 5mm power connector) x 1
E Spark Tester(include connect line) x 2
E Leakage current catcher x 1
E Connected line of red, blue, green, black x 1
E Probe of red, black x 1
E Alligator clip of red, black x 1
E 3mm connect line of female terminal x 4
E 5mm connect line of female terminal x 2
E Manual, CD of Operating Manual x 1
1. To auto-distinguish the different of the ignition coil and auto-switch the contacting way.


Contacting control can adjust slow and fast as your demand. Frequency 180-12000 RPM.
3. Safety protection design and against mistake for security.
A. Use 12V car power. When connect the power, the red indicator light is lighting.
B. To connect the yellow banana socket with negative (-) or control terminal of ignition coil.
C. Switch of ignition frequency. Adjust this switch fast or slow for your demand.
D. Adjust to the lowest frequency; observe spark color should be purple blue color.
E. Observe the spark. Normal it is a straight line and no gap; maybe it is leakage or ageing coil if spark is curve.
F. Turn it to high frequency until the coil slightly heat.
G. Then turn it to low frequency, observe the spark is continuous or separated.
H. Hear voice but do not find the spark, it means coil is leakage inside.
I. Use the LEAKAGE CURRENT CATCHER to check leakage or not.