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VAT-505 Automotive Multimeter Set

Your best companion ~
Unique car used. Durable display, multi-automotive meter set.



Suggestion selling price:NT$12,000

VAT-505 Automotive Multimeter VAT-510 Automotive current probe
  ĦEVAT-505 Automotive Multimeter x1
  ĦEVAT-510 Automotive Current Probe x1
  ĦEChinese and English Manual
  ĦE9V battery
VAT-505 Automotive Multimeter
ĦE 4,000 counts, 53 sections stick picture simulated mold .
ĦE 0.5% basic accurate rate.
ĦE Automatic / manual measuring.

DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, OHM, frequence, temperature, engine rotate speed, wide of pulse, percentage, diode indicator.

ĦE Max., Min., average of movement records and time sign.
ĦE Exqmine failure code.
ĦE Engine rotate speed RPM indicator. (Apply to raditions or DIS system)
ĦE Data saves.
ĦE Auto shut down the power.
ĦE Temperature display ˘J Or˘K.
ĦE Durable display screen.
ĦE Back-light LCD display.
VAT-510 Automotive Current Probe
ĦE Fixed mount of current sensing
ĦE Movable mount
ĦE One touch zero button
ĦE Open/ Close switch turntable shift located selection
ĦE Power indicator
ĦE Low battery indicator
ĦE Outlet terminal
ĦE Wrist belt