VAT-020 Automobile Current Probe

Four wheels and designs independently, LCD display, detects and examines the tire pressure state at any time, guarantee the traffic safety!

Suggestion selling price:NT$7,000
The setup charge is not include.

  Pressure detecting device
   Pressure range 0 ~ 6.3 ㎏/ ㎝2
   Working voltage 2.5 ~ 3.3 V
   Life-span of the battery Over 5 years
   Injection frequency 433.92 MHz
   Speed limit 250 Km/hr
  LCD display
   Working voltage 9 ~ 16 V
   Receive frequency 433.92 MHz
  1.Detecting device of tire pressure This device can measure the pressuring and temperature inside tire. Convey the data to LCD display through by radio signal.
  2.Main body / LCD display Including main body system, can decode the data from dectecting device of tire pressure, then display the pressure and temperature information completely .
  3.Aerial (coaxial cable wire) The aerial is used to receive the signal from detecting device of tire pressure, and convey the signal to the unit of the display. It should set on near middle of front and back tire. There are two aerials, extend to near middle of two front and two back tire.