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VAT-200 Noise Master

Only Noise Master, never miss any unusual noise!

Noise Master is specialize-designed to detect the noise of car, it combines 4-kind sensors for different materials.


Suggestion selling price:NT$12,500

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  ● Main body  × 1 ● Magnetic sensor × 2
  ●Earphone × 1 ● Sucker sensor  × 2
  ●Power line × 1 ● Clipping sensor ×2
  ●Sensor extended line × 4 ● Aluminum carry case × 1
  ●Holding sensor × 1 ● User's manual × 1
  1. Power indicator & Noise indicator The indicator lights when the power is on.
The Noise Indicator will be green, yellow or red according to the detected volume.
  2. Earphone & Channel socket Exclusive earphone, adjust volume and detect the source of noise.
Detect different locations by 4 channels.
  3. Noise indicator sensitivity switch Adjust the sensitivity switch to increase  or decrease the display range of the indicator.
  4. Power & Sound sensitivity switch Power on/ off and adjust sound sensitivity.
When raising the sound sensitivity, it will increase the detecting range of sensor too.
  5. Channel selection Choose the channel you want  and monitor the noise by earphone.